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Our Story

Waterman and Son was born from a legacy of love for the water.

I grew up the son of a “waterman”... a commercial fisherman, stone crabber, surfer and boat builder. We lived in Siesta Key, Florida, a sleepy little town with tourist activity during the winter months.

My father was a boat builder, carpenter, mullet fisherman and stone-crabber in and my mother an avid water-skier and beach-goer from the 60’s to the 70’s.  After high school, he honed his skills as a craftsman and created the company “Waterman and Son Creative Carpentry” a fine woodworking business and the namesake of this brand.

My dad turned what was once a hobby something that brought him joy.  Growing up, my summer days included a mix of fishing off our dock for redfish, sheepshead and shrimping of the hump back bridge.  By this time, I was already hooked on fishing, but my intensity grew.

My mother remarried a man who was essentially a 180 on the spectrum of fishing. He chased big fish in exotic countries... Tarpon, Marlin, Sailfish, Rooster fish and was well versed in the “art” of fishing.  He bought me my first nice fly rod and reel and provided me the opportunity to fish for sailfish in Costa Rica, bones in the Bahamas and introduced me to other amazing experiences.

Because of this, I have a great appreciation of the heritage of the occupation and the community around it.  It is out of this appreciation and passion that the Waterman and Son line of apparel was founded.  I am so proud to offer this selection of hats and shirts, which is rooted in the story of my family and the working class people who build their living on the water.

Thank you for supporting my small business.

-Gabe Waterman

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